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Paolo Scafora Wholecuts Oceano

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Fully made by hand this Norwegian construction, is characterized by an extremely laborious stitching. Norwegian shoes feature a “twist stitch” going all along the edge of the sole. Such construction, complex and captivating, is chosen by gentlemen looking for structured footwear with an unmatched artisanal allure. It consists of three hand-stitching processes. Needle and thread join the outsole, the insole, the lining and the shoe-upper. The artisan carefully shapes the direction of the stitchings, by slowly defining their pace.

The first stitching tie the upper to the insole, which is the soft soul of the shoe. Later the upper gets reversed and through a second stitching it is joined to the “mid-sole”, which acts as a counterpart of the leather welt used in the Goodyear process. In fact, the mid-sole is stitched together with the outsole in order to create a structured shoe, made to last a very long time.

Here presented in a beautiful handpolished "Oceano" blue shade.


Style : 17/5B/
Last : Q
Upper : Calf leather
Lining : Calf leather
Colour: "Oceano" Blue tones anticato
Construction : Norvegese
Shoe-trees included: no
Country: Italy

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Paolo Scafora

Made with passion and perfection, Paolo Scafora produces some of the best handmade shoes Italy has to offer. Started in Naples in 1956, and having developed into a quality company that is especially know for their executive fine leather shoes.

Paolo Scafora produces shoes that are made from precious leather, such as French calf, American alligator and cordovan, as well as valuable linings of cashmere, ermine and mink. Every shoe is hand-stitched in accordance with the antique methods of the traditional shoe constructions: Bologna, Goodyear, Norwegian and Tyrolese.

From Paolo Scafora we offer 2 lines in a variety of tones and colors. The wholecut line has the somewhat more informal look that gives you the young excutive look, whilst the Oxford line is more formal and traditional. Both lines are made by hand in the Norwegian construction, which is characterized by an extremely laborious stitching. If you wish to have a different color, we can present you with a color palette of what is available.

For these shoes, a formal attire is required. Therefore, a nice suit from Pal Zileri will be ideal!  

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