Andrea d'Amico

Braided Calf Leather Taupe

Andrea d'Amico Braided Calf Leather Taupe

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Crafted by hand in Italy from calfskin, this hand painted braided belt in taupe from Andrea d`Amico will add the finishing touch to tailored slacks and denim jeans. A soft, versatile accessory that is perfect with both casual and city looks.


Color: Taupe (col.462)
Material: Calf leather
Country: Italy
Width: 35 mm. ACU2157
Store ID: 4510

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Andrea d'Amico

From the menswear capital in the world, Milan, comes this prestigious brand that focuses on menswear accessories. This specialist has been creating fine belts from 1991 and has since then grown into a full range of exclusive items.

The great thing about Andrea d'Amico is they have been able to produce fine belts made form a wide range of materials including exotic leathers, suede and rope, all which are finished with sturdy ethnic buckles. All belts are produced with great care and every step of the process (washed, embroidered, lasered, painted and hand-studded leathers etc) has been optimized to achieve the desired result.

We offer a fine selection of materials consisting of crocodile, suede, rope in various styles such as, woven, single piece and smooth or rough structured. Because the materials used for each belt are slightly different each time, no two belts are ever identical. This ensures, each and every style has its own character ensuring the belt you buy, will be unique.

Because these belts are made from exclusive materials, its ok to experiment a bit with them! Of course for the rough croco's we suggest to match them with jeans like Jacob Cohën or Re-Hash or some footwear of Andrea Ventura! The woven styles can be worn with both a nice pair of trousers from Germano, or again, a great pair of jeans!  

knotted belte from Andrea D'Amico

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