Jeans "Leonardo" Stretch Black-Blue

Tramarossa Jeans "Leonardo" Stretch Black-Blue

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Blackl-blue stretch denim jeans from Tramarossa. These jeans embody a 5-pocket design, button closing and zipper. Rooted in Italian craftsmanship, Tramarossa upholds its commitment to excellence, utilizing only the finest fabrics. Distinguished by their dedication to sustainability, these jeans incorporate recycled fabric, demonstrating a conscious effort to protect the environment. The fitted model ensures a tailored appearance, while the stretch component facilitates an impeccable and refined silhouette. As a unique touch, these jeans will be adorned with your personal initials, transforming them into a truly personalized statement of style.


Color: Black-Blue
Material: 52 % Cotton, 28% Recycled Cotton, 17,5% Recycled polyester, 2,5% Elastane
Model: Leonardo Slim
Closing: Zipper
Country: Made in Italy
ID: Leonardo Zip Stretch D-506
Store ID: 5873

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