Garment Dyed Jacket Beige

Lubiam Garment Dyed Jacket Beige

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Garment dyed 100% cotton jacket from Luigi Bianchi Mantova. Great smart casual look because of the vintage washed fabric, which gives the jacket its particular color too. This jacket is unconstructed and therefore very comfortable, yet though still very elegant. Patch pockets and 'AMF' stitching on all seams. 'AMF' stitching, which is also known as 'pick' stitching, is a small stitch around the edges of the jacket, the lapel and the pockets. The acronym 'AMF' refers to the machine that creates this stitch, manufactured by the company 'American Machine and Foundry'.


Colors : Beige, Corn Yellow
Material : 100% Cotton
Model : Slim fit G Jimmy, 2½ button
Country : Italy
ID : 15844 2570
Store ID : 5251

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