T-shirt "Giza" Cotton Aqua

Fedeli T-shirt "Giza" Cotton Aqua

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A special type of Egyptian cotton is called "Giza" and is a high-quality Egyptian cotton, that is graded based upon the length and diameter of fiber as well as its condition. The longer the fiber and the smaller the diameter, the finer the yarn can be spun and the better the rating the cotton will receive. Giza cotton is grown in Egypt, but what makes it different from Egyptian Cotton, is its very specific area of cultivation. Like Sea Island Cotton, Giza needs to be grown near to water, which for Giza tends to be the Nile river. This Fedeli T-shirt has been made with this particular Giza cotton and has been washed in color, which gives the garment a vintage and natural color dye. Natural comfortable stretch due to the longer fibers.


Available colors: Aqua (156), Pink (166), Navy Blue (626), Olive Green (719), Grey (84)
Material: 100% Cotton "Giza"
Country: Made in Italy
ID: 5UEF0103
Store ID: 5534

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€159.00 €99.00

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