Crewneck Wool 140S Blue

Drumohr Crewneck Wool 140S Blue

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Drumohr brings us this stunning crewneck in a extrafine washed merinowool with the fineness of a Super 140'S quality. Keeping in mind, the higher the number the thinner the thread and the higher the quality. Apart of being lightweight it has a subtle fantasy weave in its structure known as "Mattoncini". Please note that regarding the fit, specially with upcoming higher temperatures, this "Modern" fit has a relaxed cut without being too wide or too slim. Just wear it comfortable.


Color: Blue (791)
Material: 100% Extrafine Merino Wool Super 140'S
Model: Comfort "Modern" fit
Country: Italy
ID: D0D103MA
Store ID: 4827

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€325.00 €175.00

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