Crewneck '30-Gauge' Blue

Drumohr Crewneck '30-Gauge' Blue

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Drumohr knitwear mention ‘gauge’ in their descriptions. The smaller the gauge number, the heavier the knit. The higher the gauge number, the lighter and finer the knit. Gauge is the number of stitches per inch on a piece of knitwear. In general, the heavier the yarn, the fatter the needle you should use, the bigger the stitches it will make, and so you will need fewer of them. The thinner the yarn, the thinner the needle you should use with it, the smaller the stitches and you need more of them, so higher the gauge number. This Drumohr '30 gauge' crewneck with short sleeve, has a distinctive look and a fresh and summerish aqua color. Also available in blue, caramel and light-blue.


Color: Blue, Aqua, Caramel, Light Blue
Material: 100% Cotton '30 gauge'
Fit: Slim-fit
Country: Italy
ID: D0GN100
Store ID: 5764

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