Autumn with Aspesi

Autumn with Aspesi

Everything around you should or is soon changing colors, and so should you! To catch up, we have selected the contemporary outfit that will feel and look good for this time of year ánd also suit every functional need you could require from an outfit. Therefore, we are happy to introduce the next fall/winter outfit to you, "Autumn with Aspesi!

The main item is the Aspesi contemporary raincoat in style "Insolito". Besides of being water repellent the garment consists a detachable inner lining with power down filling for efficient warmth, whilst remaining lightweight. This item is also available in blue.

If you are in for it, you can also choose the Avio jacket from Aspesi. This cardigan sport jacket, almost like a blazer, is in our opinion one of the versatile styles of Aspesi. This button-up closure, unlined garment in a boiled wool would be the best to describe as shabby chic.

Under the jacket is the crewneck from Barba Napoli from their "Luxury Knitwear" line, which is made from a soft quality pure wool woven in a beautiful structured weave. This one also comes in different colors if you wish, Brown, Blue and Navy.

Hiding elegantly under the crewneck is a beautiful shirt from Mazzarelli. In a beautiful mixture of olive green, soft blue and powdered over-check. The soft hand this shirt has, originates from the cotton which has undergone a special treatment,

Going on, we see a Germano trouser in a cotton stretch cavalry twill. Small features such as the after-dinner split provides you more comfort during your day.

Last but not least we included these all-time winning loafers from Andrea Ventura. These "Sailors" are known for their extreme comfort, due to the calfskin lining and the flexible light grip sole which is finished tone-on-tone.

Aspesi Jacket Avio Grey

€549.00 €275.00

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