Overcoat Dark Grey

Aspesi Overcoat Dark Grey

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Single-breasted coat in wool and padded with thermal wadding (Thermore insulation) to keep you warm even on the coldest days. The coat has a check pattern, button fastening, slash pockets on the outside and a zippered and button closable inner pockets.


Colors: Dark Grey (40325)
Material: 63% Wool, 18% Polyamide, 11% Polyester, 8% Acrylic
Model: Coat
Fit: Relaxed Fit
ID: CI06 V075
Store ID: 5630

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Aspesi collaborated with insulation experts Thermore, for inserting lining and padding in their jackets. Keeping your body warm is the top priority for Thermore. With their cutting-edge thermal insulation technology and advanced fibers, they make sure you're comfy all year round.


Thermore is constantly creating innovative structures, this is done Eco Friendly, making sure there are no footprints left behind that can harm the environment.


The Thermore Fabric

Depending on the needs, Thermore produces different kinds of insulations, varying in weight, thickness and fiber composition. Regardless off the garment, the optimal padding is always guaranteed.


The durable fibers are produced from 100% animal free materials. These fibers are resistant to clumping ensuring the padding is spread evenly throughout the garment, thus keeping its shape and fit.


Fiber Migration

Another benefit is that there is no " fiber migration". This happens when fibers “pinch” through the outer fabric of the lining, often caused by electro static loads caused by the sweater which is worn under the jacket. Over time, this becomes visible to the eye giving the garment a poor quality look. Besides fiber migration, fibers are lost and are no longer protecting you against the cold.


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