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Altea Summer Hat

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€79.00 €65.00
This lightweight and fashionable woven hat from Altea is as elegant as it is stylish. Made from woven paper with contrasting dark blue brim, it makes your summer look complete


Color: Sand
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€79.00 €65.00


The roots of Altea lie deep in the elegance of late nineteenth century Milan, which later became one of the most important arteries in the geography of international fashion. Here in 1892 a sophisticated tie shop first opened its doors, and became a place frequented by the best clientele of the city.

The distinguishing features of the Altea brand are a strong passion for colour, the use of personalised fabrics, meticulous attention to detail, and its reinterpretation of the sartorial codes for neckwear.

This seasons selection maintains a focus on nice knits in blue ,taupe and olive colors which we also presented in cool cardigan jackets as well nice polo’s in “Terry” fabrics available in short sleeves!

We love to suggest you to complete your look by adding some nice Italian denims from the jeans specialist Re-Hash or protection for a rainy day with our outerwear supplier Moorer.



Gusto wearing Altea Cardigan

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