Paolo Vitale

Stingray Silver Blue

Paolo Vitale Stingray Silver Blue

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Made in a stingray skin, handmade in Italy, this eye-catcher could make a difference in the detail here dyed in a shade of grey/blue. To stand out of the crowd, this particular high grade quality makes this item unique. A solid brass buckle includes a beautiful detail on the pin, reminding the use of exotic skin. We could say this finishing of details is almost like jewelry. Pair it with jeans from Jacob Cohën or some denim of Re-Hash.


Color: Silver blue and dark blue
Material: leather, ray skin
Country: Italy
Width: 4 cm
Store: 4054

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Paolo Vitale

Founded in 1989 as a luxury leather producer in exclusive belts made by hand specialized themselves in craftsmanship specifically using exotic materials. This gives Paolo Vitale its unique character making this company recognizable and distinguished. Paolo Vitale stands for experience and passion. Due to its quality, it has became a symbol of "made in Italy".

By using exotic materials from the rarest qualities, belts made from Paolo Vitale guarantee to make you stand out and set you apart. The production proces has been optimized and depending on the desired color, the dye is delicately applied by using a fine sharp-pointed stick covered by absorbent cotton. The edges of Paolo Vitale’s products are brushed, polished and smoothed, to get the desired result.

We have selected a fine selection of materials consisting of stingray, crocodile, lizard, python and a combination of materials. For your formal attire we also stock some subtle styles such as a smooth belt in anthracite faded and a plain black tone.

Match these belts with any jeans of Jacob Cohën or Re-Hash or some footwear of Andrea Ventura!  

Paolo Vitale Belts stacked up

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