Zayn-LS9 Herringbone Jacket

Moorer Zayn-LS9 Herringbone Jacket

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Ultrasoft wool-cashmere down jacket in elegant blazer model from the exclusive outerwear producer MooRER from Verona called 'Zayn'. Superb finish and details combined with pure goose down makes this an outstanding and beautiful wintercoat in your wardobe.


Color: Grey Herringbone weave
Material: 90% Wool 10% Cashmere
Down padding: 95% Down 5% Feather, Siberian Goose Down
Model: ZAYN-LS9
Filling: Pure Goose Down
Fit: Slim Fit
Country: Italy
Store ID: 5194


There are two sides to winter: yes it's cold but... you can wear some amazing items, like this one, outerwear from Moorer! This brand is always on par when it comes to getting outerwear done right! Its luxurious appearance, finest materials used, and the most comfortable fit all come together in every creation Moorer makes. This investment will serve you well for many cold winterseasons to come!

Using only the best materials for their coats, warmth is gauranteed due perfect isolation against cold weather!

There are three fundamental features when it comes to top quality outerwear. 1: Source: from Siberia where conditions are at their tuffest. 2: Species, from goose that develope high performing feathers and 3: composition, 100% DOWN To establish the quality of the down, the higher the amount of down with respect to feathers the better the quality of the padding. All this are required and the thermal index depends on it, which gives you an indication of the insulation and comfort under certain circumstance, sometimes indicating gauranteed ideal wearability between -12C and +8C.

The jackets are a true investment, for they will service you well for many years to come. With their quality materials, the fabric should keep its original shape and form for a long period.

Moorer can be combined with your favorite jeans from Jacob Cohën or a more formal trousers from Incotex. Under your Moorer, wear a sportive jacket from Barba Napoli or a knitted vest from Zanone.



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