Jacob Cohen

J622 Slim Black 1374

Jacob Cohen J622 Slim Black 1374

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Japanese fabrics are often praised above the rest and considered to be the best of all. The weaving processes is much slower than on modern machines and is often made on old shuttle looms. Modern looms, in comparison, are very fast and efficient plus make a precise and consistent fabric. The thing is, experienced denim fans don’t want precision – it’s actually the variation and imperfections of the weaving process that lend character to the best Japanese denim. The dyeing process is traditionally a crucial ingredient in giving the best Japanese fabrics their flavor. This J622 Comfort Slim Fit jeans by Jacob Cohën will be your stylish companion for a tailored casual look.


Material: 98% Cotton, 2% Elastane
Model: J622 Slim-Comf
Made in Italy
ID: 01374W2-5201 Lav.2
Store ID: 4962

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