Due to the great succes of previous season's, we also re-stocked the highly demanded Slowear products in IceCotton quality. This typical summer fabric is characterized by it's breathable fibre and it's slightly crispy touch. Produced with the finest care and twist spun in a special technique, IceCotton garments can be seen as durable and very innovative. This is one if the items, that are so comfortable and light, you forgot you put them on in the morning and chances are, you may end up sleeping in them at night! For the fist time this season we have also included "IcePiquet". This fabric has the same characteristics as the IceCotton, but only has a different texture with more body due to the piquet weave. If you have never tried IceCotton or IcePiquet from Incotex or Zanone before, you should do so this season!

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