Gran Sasso

Gilet Herringbone Beige

Gran Sasso Gilet Herringbone Beige

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Double-breasted waistcoat in pure wool, contemporary herringbone design, with two side welt pockets. This item will appeal to many, especially the stylish person! For a casual look suggestion, we like to advise a blue denim shirt, or to create a more classic look but at the same time contemporary, it can be worn with a white shirt. It's perfect for every occasion, for the most formal moments and for the leisure time. We also have this one in antracite.


Material: 100% Wool
Model: Slim Fit
Country: Italy
ID: 57116-14242
Store ID: 4711

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€199.00 €149.00

Gran Sasso

This label barely needs an introduction. But here it is anyway! For decades Gran Sasso has developed itself into being one of the biggest knitwear suppliers. With their garments appreciated all over the world, this label truly sets the standard for high quality knitwear!

For more then 70 years, Gran Sasso has achieved its status of producing incredible knitwear items. They are especially masters in producing crewnecks, shirts, vests and polo's. Up to today. they established a true loyal audience that are always on the lookout every season what this label has to offer and we are one of them! When getting something from Gran Sasso, you just know you can't go wrong!

When winter season comes, you cannot go around this brand. We have a wide selection of crewnecks, vests, long sleeve polo's and beanies, that will keep you warm and comfy! They will will be very usefull to you for many season, due to its timeless image.

As always, combining items with this brand is easy! But to put you on the right track, may we suggest, a sportive jacket from Barba Napoli and why not add your favorite Jacob Cohën jeans. Slip into your comfy Sailors from Andrea Ventura, or their bit more formal Steve Mcqueen inspired lace up boots. Fashion isn't difficult, it's really easy!  

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