Peacoat Wool Blue

Drumohr Peacoat Wool Blue

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Perfect Peacoat!

Love on first sight is this beautiful peacoat from Drumohr. A sturdy wool quality giving it the look and feel almost like a piece of outerwear makes the garment versitile. Double breasted, short length in a casual knit are one of the key characteristics of this style which finds it origin in nautical heritage but updated and translated to the current day. Layering with all kinds of knits this would be the perfect choice for you...


Color: Blue
Material: 100% Wool
Model: Slim fit
Country: Italy
ID: D8W413
Store ID: 4776


An excellence in knitwear since 1770, finds its origins in the Scottish Highlands, where the Robertson family crafted their products with two characteristics: a different type of yarn which made the items warmer and luxurious. Items made according to traditions of seamless knitting, which characterized Drumohr products making them unique.

With gratitude to Gianni Agnelli, one of the most stylish Italian men from the past, who favored this brand as his personal knitwear supplier. The recognizable "razor blade" pattern, also known as the "Biscottino" made it iconic.

A selection ranging from Geelong superfine, brushed wool and pure cashmere are fibres with a soft hand and precious feel. Besides our impressive selection of knitwear, we also included trousers, scarves and other garments.

Since the collection is so large, we will leave it to you what you would like to wear it and combine it with. With items from Drumohr, you can either play it safe, or take a more risky approach since some items have a very outspoken look. It's up to you!  

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