Barba Napoli

Jacket Blue

Barba Napoli Jacket Blue

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Every wardrobe should consist a blue blazer. It's soft shoulder construction, half lining, patch pockets and a 3 rolled to 2 button front are one of the typical Napolitan characteristics of this style. A nice blend of wool and silk gives this hopsack fabric character to the cloth. You like to coordinate it with an elegant mid-grey trouser or just for some upper casual occasions with a pair of denims or slacks? Guaranteed nothing can't go wrong when you like to play the safe card and dress without any headache.


Color: Blue (002)
Material: 75% Wool, 10% Silk, 10% Poly, 5% Linen
Model: Slim fit G Jimmy
Country: Italy
ID: 1010
Store ID: 4876

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